The basics 

Mix 1 tbsp of powder with liquid of choice in a non metal bowl. Apply the mask with your fingers or a brush and gently remove with a washcloth and plenty of warm water.

How long to leave the mask on

There are thee phases when using a clay mask. At the start the mask is damp and beneficial minerals are being absorbed into the skin. Then there is the start of the drying phase; as the mask dries and contracts, you will feel it tighten which stimulates blood flow. Quickly after that, the drying phase starts which draws our moisture and could cause dehydration and irritation. We highly recommend not to reach the last phase and remove the mask before it starts to dry (as soon as the dry patches, lighter in colour begin to appear). This way you save your skin from becoming dry, while also keeping it easy to remove the mask without too much pulling on the skin.

How to remove the mask

Since you don’t let the mask fully dry it should be easy to remove with a soft washcloth or facial sponge and plenty of lukewarm water. Make sure to let the water saturate the mask before gently moving the washcloth. End with a thin layer of cream, serum or oil.


Oils can provide many benefits to your skin and make the face mask more nourishing which can be especially great for sensitive or dry skin. Some of the oild to add are almond oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, argan oil or olive oil. The options are limitless.

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